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Kayrel Computer Services Inc. is a multi-services company providing a wide range of contract services to its clients


Services Provided by Kayrel
Web Design Web Backend Design System Support & Training
Network Administration Unix System Administration Windows System Administration
Programming DMTF Technology Database Administration
Client/Server Systems    



Web Design

Kayrel can provide all facets of web design for your needs. We can help you design your site, and then we make it sing (literally if you wish). From the simple to the complex, we create a website to suit all your needs. Attracting users to visit your site is very important. We can connect you with search engines, online yellow pages and more. Once your perspective client has found you, holding their interest is equally important. But you also want to know what they are interested in. We can help you use "data-mining" to collect data about your users and their interests.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out some our work:



Monmouth Singles

Duplicate Results

Shifting Gears

Whatcha' Do Today

Monmouth Business Referral Group

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Web Backend Design

Not only can Kayrel create a standard website, but we also have the programming expertise to make your website fully dynamic. We can link in data from databases, customize your site based on who is using it, and protect it with common or individual passwords. We can even make your website directly profitable by integrating E-Commerce.

The following clients utilize our backend services. If you would like a demonstration, please If you would like a demonstration, please Contact Us . Most of these require membership to access their customized information.



Duplicate Results

Whatcha' Do Today

Monmouth Business Referral Group

Monmouth Networking



System Support & Training

System Support is just another term for Unix and/or Windows administration. If you have a medium office of 50 - 100 systems, we can keep them running right.

We can assist you in determining exactly which system(s) are right for you, then we'll setup them up, connect networking, printing and install all the software you need. We'll create a backup schedule which is right for you. Later, if your system develops problems, we'll troubleshoot and fix what's wrong.

Another facet of support is training. It doesn't matter if you're technical and just need a few hints, or if you consider a computer the "devil incarnate". We can help you understand and use your systems to their greatest potential.




Kayrel can provide all facets of Networking. If you have a single home machine and you'd like assistance connecting it to DSL or Cable, or if you have a dozen machines in an office and need us to setup and maintain the LAN (Local Area Network) and its connection to the WAN (Wide Area Network) aka the whole world. Connecting to the World's internet is only the beginning. Just as important is keeping the viruses and hackers out.



Unix System Administration

Kayrel has extensive experience with the administration of various versions of Unix:

  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • AT&T Unix
  • BSD
We can help you obtain the correct systems, load them, and keep them running their best. Many offices have a Unix system as the central server and Windows systems on each individual's desktop. Of course we can also make your Windows Systems hum. We are well versed in connecting both types of systems together and making them work efficiently. Then we'll support them for you.



Windows System Administration

Kayrel has extensive experience with the administration of various versions of Windows: from windows 3.1 (but nobody runs that anymore) all the way through Windows XP. We can help you obtain the correct systems and software, load them, and keep them running their best. We can interconnect them with each other as well as with the internet. Many offices use a combination of Unix systems and Windows systems. Of course we can also make your Unix Systems hum. We are well versed in connecting both types of systems together and making them work efficiently. Then we'll support them for you.




The personnel at Kayrel know literally dozens of languages. We have decades of experience in creating software custom suited to your needs. From small scripts in a web page to provide dynamic response to your customers to large scale software projects, we can give you just what you need. By combining our programming expertise with our Client/Server, Database and/or our Administration expertise we can design and develop the software you need for your application.

Our languages include:

  • Java
  • Solaris
  • The whole C family including:
    • C;
    • C++;
    • C sharp
  • C Shell (Not part of the C family)

  • PHP
  • ASP
  • .Net
  • Shell
  • AWK
  • Javascript



DMTF Technology

CIM is the breakthrough standard for the exchange of management information in a platform-independent and technology-neutral way, streamlining integration and reducing costs by enabling end-to-end multi-vendor interoperability in management systems. Key technology vendors and affiliated standards groups that implement CIM enable a more integrated, cost-effective and less crisis-driven approach to management.

Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. (DMTF), developer of CIM, is the industry organization leading the development, adoption, and interoperability of management standards and initiatives for enterprise and Internet environments.

If you have a hardware or software product which you'd like to have interface using the industry standards for product management, or if you have a monitoring device and wish to integrate DMTF standard data, we have the expertise to help you.

The CIM model is made up of:

  • Clients which present information to users.
  • A database of information about the devices and software under management. This unit is called the CIMOM. CIMOM's are generally not built for an individual product, but are generally freely available.
  • Providers which collect information about a particular device or software package and "provide" it to the CIM database.

We can assist you in the choice of the right CIMOM for your product. We can also write the Clients and/or the Providers needed by your project.




A database is a collection of data that is organized so that its contents can easily be accessed, managed, and updated. A distributed database is one that can be dispersed across multiple systems. Databases contain collections of data records or files, such as sales transactions, product catalogs and inventories, and customer profiles.

Just as Unix and Windows systems need administration and support, so too do databases. Kayrel can provide expertise in Oracle, Informix, MySQL, and Access. We can setup the database create the appropriate schema, load in the data, then provide customized access pages so you can retrieve your data in a way which is meaningful.

In a database, a schema (pronounced SKEE-mah) is the organization or structure for a database. The activity of data modeling leads to a schema. (The plural form is schemata. The term is from a Greek word for "form" or "figure." Another word from the same source is "schematic.") The term is used in discussing both relational databases and object-oriented databases. The term sometimes seems to refer to a visualization of a structure and sometimes to a formal text-oriented description. -- Whatis.com



Client / Server Sytems

The client/server model has become one of the central ideas of network computing. Most business applications being written today use the client/server model. So does the Internet's main program, TCP/IP. In marketing, the term has been used to distinguish distributed computing by smaller dispersed computers from the "monolithic" centralized computing of mainframe computers. But this distinction has largely disappeared as mainframes and their applications have also turned to the client/server model and become part of network computing.

Kayrel has extensive expertise in the construction of client / server systems. We can design, and implement your system, and maintain it. We can also integrate your legacy systems so that they won't require extensive re-writing.


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